REL as Home Major

CHI as Second Major

Students taking Chinese as Second Major are required to take 48 units from their Home Major programme, 36 of which are core courses and 12 electives. In their Second Major programme (i.e., Chinese), they are required to take the following core courses (30 units) and 2 elective courses from Group A, and 2 from Groups B/C/D, depending on what their Home Major is.
Each of the following asterisked (*) courses may be substituted by a level-3 or level-4, Major elective CHIL course listed below.

Newly Added Courses

Core Courses (36 units)

Core Courses (30 units)

RELI 1005 Quest for Truth and Meaning

CHIL 2005中國文學史 (先秦至五代)

RELI 2005 History of Christian Thought

*CHIL 2006 文學概論

RELI 2006 Introduction to Christianity and Civilizations

CHIL 2007 現代漢語語法

RELI 2007 Problems of Philosophy

*CHIL 2015 讀書指導

RELI 2015 Approaches to the Study of Religion

*CHIL 2016 文字學

RELI 2016 Buddhism

CHIL 2017 古代漢語

RELI 2017 Religious Rituals and Practices in Hong Kong

CHIL 2025 中國文學史 (宋至清)

RELI 3005 Daoist Religion

* CHIL 3005 漢語音韻學

RELI 3006 Major Streams in Chinese Philosophy

CHIL 2026 中國現當代文學 (1917現在)

RELI 4005 Philosophy of Religion

* CHIL 4005 文學批評

RELI 4898-9 Honours Project




Major Elective Courses (Any 4 of the following three groups)

Major Elective courses (12 units: 2 courses from Group A, and 2 from Groups B/C/D)

Group I: Philosophical Studies

RELI 2025 Social Justice, Liberalism and Economic Equality

RELI 3007 Philosophy, Meaning and Knowledge

RELI 3015 Existence and Reality

RELI 3016 Philosophy, Morality and Society

RELI 3027 Existentialism and Nihilism

RELI 3045 Contemporary Ethical Problems

RELI 3046 Hermeneutics

RELI 3055 Logic and Scientific Methodology

RELI 3056 Philosophy of Mind, Consciousness, and Personal Identity

RELI 3057 Philosophy, Modernism and Postmodernism

RELI 3066 The Meaning of Humanity: The Philosophies of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche

RELI 4006 Comparative Philosophy: East and West

RELI 4016 Selected Topics/Readings in Philosophy

RELI 4055 Philosophy of Language and Chinese Philosophy


Group II: Christian Studies

RELI 3017 A Survey of Jewish and Christian Scriptures

RELI 3025 Biblical Theology and Moral Life

RELI 3026 Christianity, Humanism and the Contemporary World

(Previously known as “Contemporary Theology and the Public World”)

RELI 3036 Christian Social Thought

RELI 3037 Christian Spirituality

RELI 4007 Theology and Sex in Chinese Societies

RELI 4017 Chinese Christianity

RELI 4025 Christianity and Chinese Culture

RELI 4026 Christianity, Modern Science and the Environment

RELI 4027 Selected Topics/Readings in Christian Studies


Group III: Religious Studies

RELI 3035 Philosophical Issues in Chinese Religion

RELI 3047 Islam

RELI 3065 History of Modern Western Philosophy: From Descartes to Marx

RELI 3067 Modern Logic and Logics in Religious Discourse

RELI 3075 Religious and Animals

RELI 3076 Religion and Consumerism

RELI 3077 Religion and Social Movements

RELI 3085 Chinese Popular Religion

RELI 3086 Religion, Violence and Peace

RELI 4015 Mysticism and Religious Experience

RELI 4035 Comparative Religious Themes

RELI 4036 Religion and Ideology

RELI 4037 Religion and Modern Society

RELI 4045 Religions in Northwestern China Today

RELI 4046 Selected Topics/ Readings in Religious Studies

RELI 4047 Mind in Chinese Buddhist Philosophy

RELI 4056 Philosophy, Religion, and Market Economy

RELI 4057 Religious Charity, Public Good and Chinese Society    

Group A:

CHIL 2045英譯中國名著選讀 〔思想文化〕Classical Chinese Masterpieces in English (Thought and Culture)

CHIL 4006中國目錄學Chinese Bibliography

CHIL 4007經典 精讀與反思Chinese ClassicsIntensive Readings and Reflection

CHIL 4015經學與中國文化Chinese Classics and Culture

CHIL 4016中國思想與文學Chinese Thought and Literature

CHIL 4017中國文化統整研究Integrated Study of Chinese Culture

CHIL 4025論語Lun Yu

CHIL 4026傳統中國文化的現代觀照Modern Views on Traditional Chinese Culture

CHIL 4027先秦儒家專書選讀Selected Readings from Classical Confucian Works

CHIL 4035 諸子選讀Selected Readings from Traditional Chinese Thinkers (Zi)

CHIL 4036 西方文學名著 (中譯) 選讀 (思想文化) Selected Works of Western Literature in Chinese Translations(Thought and Culture)

CHIL 4037莊子Zhuang Zi

CHIL 4107中國史學名篇 (思想文化) Masterpieces in Chinese Historiography (Thought and Culture)

CHIL 4207西方漢學Western Sinology


Group B:

CHIL 4045漢語與中國文化Chinese Language and Culture

CHIL 4046中文修辭學Chinese Rhetoric

CHIL 4047訓詁學Chinese Semantics

CHIL 4055漢語實用語法Practical Chinese Grammar

CHIL 4056中國語文專書研究Selected Masterpieces in Chinese Linguistics

CHIL 4057中國語文專題研究Special Topics in Chinese Language

CHIL 4305漢語方言學概要Fundamentals of Chinese Dialectology


Group C:

CHIL 1005歷代中國詩選Selected Readings in Classical Chinese Poetry

CHIL 1006歷代中國散文選Selected Readings in Classical Chinese Prose

CHIL 2046英譯中國名著選讀〔古代文學〕Classical Chinese Masterpieces in English (Classical Literature)

CHIL 3006中國傳記文學 (古代文學) Chinese Biographic Literature (Classical Literature)

CHIL 3007中國古典小說Classical Chinese Fiction

CHIL 3015詞曲選Selected Chinese Lyrics and Songs

CHIL 3016中國史傳文選讀Selected Readings in Chinese Historical Writings

CHIL 4065楚辭Chu Ci

CHIL 4066中國古典戲劇Classical Chinese Drama

CHIL 4067詩經Shi Jing

CHIL 4075中國文學理論批評專題 (古代文學) Special Topics in Chinese Critical Theory (Classical Literature)

CHIL 4076中國古典小說戲劇專題研究Special Topics in Classical Chinese Fiction and Drama

CHIL 4077中國古典文學專題研究Special Topics in Classical Chinese Literature

CHIL 4085 中國文學史專題研究 (古代文學) Special Topics in the History of Chinese Literature (Classical Literature)

CHIL 4086中國專家詩詞Studies in Selected Chinese Poets and/or Lyricists

CHIL 4087文心雕龍Wenxin Diaolong

CHIL 4097西方文學名著 (中譯) 選讀 (古代文學) Selected Works of Western Literature in Chinese Translations (Classical Literature)

CHIL 4206中國史學名篇 (古代文學) Masterpieces in Chinese Historiography (Classical Literature)


Group D:

CHIL 3017中文創意寫作法Creative Writing in Chinese

CHIL 3025香港文學對話Cross-cultural Dialogue: Hong Kong Literature and the World

CHIL 3026現代中文小說寫作Modern Chinese Fiction Writing     

CHIL 3027現代中文散文寫作Modern Chinese Prose Writing        

CHIL 3057中國傳記文學 (現代文學) Chinese Biographic Literature (Modern Literature)

CHIL 4095 現當代中國作家研究Single Chinese Author Forum (Modern or Contemporary Writer)

CHIL 4096中國現當代文學專題研究Special Topics in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

CHIL 4105中國文學理論批評專題(現代文學) Special Topics in Chinese Critical Theory (Modern Literature)

CHIL 4106中國文學史專題研究 (現代文學) Special Topics in the History of Chinese Literature (Modern Literature)

CHIL 4205 西方文學名著 (中譯) 選讀 (現代文學) Selected Works of Western Literature in Chinese Translations (Modern Literature)



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