ENG as Home Major REL as Second Major
Core Courses (36 units) Core Courses (21 units)
ENGL 1005 English, Creativity, and Cultures RELI 1005 Quest for Truth and Meaning
ENGL 2005 Introduction to the Study of Language RELI 2006 Introduction to Christianity and Civilizations
ENGL 2007 Literary and Comparative Studies RELI 2007 Problems of Philosophy
ENGL 2015 Literature and Culture  OR
ENGL 2006 Language, Culture and Society
RELI 2015 Approaches to the Study of Religion
ENGL 2016 Sounds of English Around the World RELI 2027 Introduction to Chinese Philosophy and Religion
ENGL 2017 Stepping Stones in English Grammar RELI 2035 Introduction to Ethics
ENGL 2025 The Art of Storytelling RELI 2036 Social Scientific Study of Religion
ENGL 2026 Argumentation and Persuasion  
ENGL 2027 Academic and Professional Writing  
ENGL 3005 Research Skills in English Language and Literature  
ENGL 4898-9 Honours Project  
Major Elective Courses
(12 units: 4 of the following)
Major Elective Courses (21 units)
Students need to choose ONE course of each from three of the four study areas (9 units) and then take any four courses (12 units) from the four study areas.

1. Language and Communication Studies
ENGL 2095 Foundations of Language Studies
ENGL 3007 Discourse Studies
ENGL 3026 Special Topic in Language
ENGL 3027 Special Topic in Linguistic Theory
ENGL 3107 Acquiring and Learning a Language
ENGL 3205 Components of a Word
ENGL 3206 Critical Discourse Analysis
ENGL 3207 Language and Intercultural Communication
ENGL 3305 Studying Meaning
ENGL 3306 Understanding Phonological Patterns
ENGL 3307 Architecture of Grammar
ENGL 4006 Advanced Topic in Language
ENGL 4007 Advanced Topic in Linguistic Theory
ENGL 4017 Advanced Seminar in Language and Gender
ENGL 4025 Analyzing Multimodal Communication
ENGL 4026 Exploring Intercultural Communication Through Films and Literature
ENGL 4027 Exploring Bilingualism and Bilingual Education
ENGL 4035 Functional Grammar
ENGL 4036 Language, Communication and Advertising
ENGL 4037 Language and the Workplace
ENGL 4045 Language in Education
ENGL 4047 Perspectives on Universal Themes
ENGL 4055 Stories of English
ENGL 4056 Theoretical Linguist Meets World
ENGL 4057 Unravelling Syntax
Third Language (Putonghua is not counted)

2. Literary and Comparative Studies    
ENGL 2035 The Short Story
ENGL 2036 Pre-Modern Drama
ENGL 2076 Poetry
ENGL 2077 Critical Approaches to Literature
ENGL 2086 Poetry and Poetics
ENGL 3015 Creative Writing
ENGL 3025 Faces of Comparative Literature
ENGL 3036 Chinese-Western Literary Relations
ENGL 3037 Creative Writing Workshop
ENGL 3045 Great Novels in English
ENGL 3046 Literature and the Nobel Prize
ENGL 3055 Literature and Film
ENGL 3066 Modern and Contemporary Drama
ENGL 3096 The Child and Literature
ENGL 3105 Twentieth-Century Literature
ENGL 3106 Modern and Contemporary Poetry
ENGL 4016 American Popular Fiction after 1950
ENGL 4046 Hong Kong Stories in English
ENGL 4065 Dystopian Fiction
ENGL 4066 World Literatures
ENGL 4067 Comics and Graphic Novels
ENGL 4075 Special Topic in Comparative Literature
ENGL 4076 21st Century Fiction
ENGL 4077 Detective Fiction
ENGL 4085 Special Topic in Literature
ENGL 4086 Shakespeare and His Contemporaries
ENGL 4087 Special Topic in Critical Theory
ENGL 4095 Gender and Literature
ENGL 4096 Diaspora Writing in English
ENGL 4097 Gothic Literature
ENGL 4105 Comparative Drama
ENGL 4106 Literary Journalism
ENGL 4107 Postcolonial Fiction



Study Area A: Philosophical Studies
RELI 3006           Major Streams in Chinese Philosophy
RELI 3007           Philosophy, Meaning and Knowledge
RELI 3027           Existentialism and Nihilism
RELI 3056           Philosophy of Mind, Consciousness, and Personal Identity
RELI 3065           History of Modern Western Philosophy
RELI 3087           Metaphysics: Quest for Reality
RELI 3095           Logic and Philosophy of Logic
RELI 3096           Contemporary Analytic Philosophy
RELI 4005           Philosophy of Religion
RELI 4016 Selected Topics/ Readings in Philosophical Studies
RELI 4047 Mind in Chinese Buddhist Philosophy

Study Area B: Christian Studies and Comparative Religion
RELI 3005 Daoist Religion
RELI 3017 A Survey of Jewish and Christian Scriptures
RELI 3026           Christianity, Humanism and the Contemporary World
RELI 3037           Christian Spirituality
RELI 3127 History of Christian Thought
RELI 3135           Buddhism
RELI 3136           Religious Rituals and Practices in Hong Kong
RELI 3047           Islam
RELI 4025           Christianity and Chinese Culture
RELI 4027 Selected Topics/ Readings in Christian Studies or Comparative Religion
RELI 4035           Comparative Religious Themes

Study Area C: Interdisciplinary Study of Religion
RELI 3075 Religion and Animal
RELI 3077 Religion and Social Movements
RELI 3086 Religion, Violence and Peace
RELI 3097 Psychology and Religion
RELI 3105 Anthropology and Religion
RELI 3106 Religion and Modern Chinese Societies
RELI 4015 Mysticism and Religious Experience
RELI 4036 Religion and Ideology
RELI 4037 Sociology of Religion and Modern Society
RELI 4046 Selected Topics/ Readings in Religious Studies
RELI 4065 Dialogue between Religion and Modern Science

Study Area D: Ethics and Society
RELI 3016           Philosophy, Morality and Society
RELI 3045           Contemporary Ethical Problems: Hong Kong and Beyond
RELI 3107           Chinese Moral and Political Philosophy
RELI 3115           Theological Ethics
RELI 3116           Islamic Values and Contemporary Society
RELI 3117           Service Leadership and Meaning of Life and Death
RELI 3125 Social Justice, Liberalism and Economic Equality
RELI 3126           Theology, Liberalism and Sex in Chinese Societies
RELI 4066           Ethics of Human Rights: Theories and Controversies
RELI 4067           Environmental Ethics
RELI 4075           Selected Topics/ Readings in Ethics

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