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A wide variety of scholarships and awards, funded by private organizations, professional bodies, companies, or individuals, are available for students who meet the particular requirements of each award. Please visit the following website for more information:


Admission scholarships offered to Faculty of Arts students

To award outstanding HKDSE students admitted to the Faculty of Arts students, the Faculty offers a new scholarship starting from the 2020 intake:

Sum of score
(4 core + 2 electives)

Amount of scholarship

HKDSE score 30 or above

$42,100 (one-off, 100% of the first-year tuition)

HKDSE score 29

$21,050 (one-off, 50% of the first-year tuition)

The new admission scholarships will be applied to the following programmes:
JS2020 Bachelor of Arts (Broad-based Admission)
JS2021 Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature
JS2022 Bachelor of Arts in Creative and Professional Writing
JS2023 Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature
JS2024 Bachelor of Arts in Humanities
JS2025 Bachelor of Arts in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics
JS2026 Bachelor of Arts in Translation
JS2030 Bachelor of Music
JS2040 English Language & Literature and English Language Teaching (Double Degree)
JS2050 Bachelor of Music in Creative Industries

Updated in October 2019