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Four-Year Curriculum Framework (with effect from 2018/19 intake)
MajorMinimum 60 units
General Education 18 units
University Core 13 units
Electives up to 37 units
Graduation RequirementMinimum 128 units

Double Major
The Double Major programmes provide training in two fields. Students’ job opportunities after graduation would be enhanced. Students can pursue Double Major in any two of the following three Major programmes: Chinese Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

In addition to majoring in a discipline, students may choose to study a Minor programme offered by any Faculty/School/Academy. There are more than 30 Minor Programmes in the University. Students are required to take 15 units to obtain a Minor. They can make use of their Free Electives to fulfill the Minor requirements.

General Education
The General Education Programme at HKBU is purpose-built to provide students with the foundation of a well-rounded university education. For more details, please refer to the GE Website http://www.hkbu.edu.hk/ge

Updated in March 2018