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  What is Broad-based Admission ?

The Faculty of Arts implements a broad-based admission system, giving students more flexibility in choosing their Majors. Under the Broad-based Admission System, students will spend their first year of study exploring different Arts disciplines. Then, towards the end of their first year, they will choose the Major they would like to study.

The Broad-Based Admission System consists of six Major programmes:

  1. Chinese Language and Literature
  2. Creative and Professional Writing
  3. English Language and Literature
  4. Humanities
  5. Religion, Philosophy and Ethics
  6. Translation

In addition, the Faculty offers a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Music, and a double degree, namely, the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Language & Literature and Bachelor of Education (Honours) in English Language Teaching. These two degree programmes do not join the Broad-based Admission System and admit students on a programme basis. For details, please visit the websites of these two programmes:

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Music: http://mus.hkbu.edu.hk/
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Language & Literature and Bachelor of Education (Honours) in English Language Teaching: http://baengbed.hkbu.edu.hk/

What are the basic admission criteria of the BA Programme (Broad-based Admission)?

HKBU General Admission Requirements (For HKDSE candidates)(with effect from 2018/19)


Minimum requirement

English Language

Level 3

Chinese Language

Level 3


Level 2

Liberal Studies

Level 2

One elective subject

Level 3

Our BA Programme count the scores of five HKDSE subjects: Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Liberal Studies and the best elective subject.

 * Our BA Programme count Mathematics Extended Module 1 or 2 as equivalent to HKDSE elective subjects.

**We will count the Other Languages subject with grade E or above as an elective subject in score calculation.


What Kinds of Students will be Admitted?

  • Students should obtain good results in 4 core subjects and 1 elective subject
  • Students with good results in Chinese Language and English Language are highly preferred.
  • Students with good result in Liberal Studies are preferred.
  • High choice banding (Band A) in JUPAS application is preferred.

*The BA Programme (Broad-based Admission) will not arrange any admission interviews or tests. Applicants through School Principal’s Nominations will be invited to an interview at HKBU in June every year.

For details on Non-JUPAS applications, please visit the following website of the Academic Registry: http://ar.hkbu.edu.hk/pros/admiss_schemes/nj_direct_admiss_applicants/intro/

Updated in August 2017